Ways To Make Money In Real Estate

Real estate is a huge industry that you can get into.  When people think of real estate they think of buying a house or other type of building.  This is part of it, but there is a lot more to it than that.  When we hear the term real estate investing, we have a lot of different opportunities open to us.  So, thinking, how do real estate agents get paid or where is the best place to make money in real estate are good questions, understanding ways to make money is where you will thrive.


The first place that you will want to look into is foreclosures.  Foreclosures are pieces of real estate that people didn’t pay on.  For example, they may not have paid their property taxes, or they may not have paid on their bank note.  When it comes to foreclosures, real estate investors can get great deals since they typically only have to pay the outstanding taxes or balances.

how do real estate agents get paid


Another great way to make money is by having a rental property.  When you have a rental property you can rent a room, house or anything.  When renting, you are taking the money that is paid each month and putting it towards the purchase price of the property plus a little extra in your pocket.  Over the course of several years the people renting your property will actually pay for it giving you the equity value.


One overlooked aspect of real estate is the land.  Most people who get into real estate look at having a completed building or something similar.  However, if you are savvy, you may want to look into getting plots of land. 

When we purchase land we are taking on a long term investment.  This land could become really valuable if an investor wants to come in and develop it.  So, if you are looking for great deals, look into purchasing areas of undeveloped land.